Nike released a Tech Craft Nike Hypervenom III 2017

It was only last week when we showed you a leak of this Nike Hypervenom III model and said that we’re expecting to see it released at the end of February. But it turns out that Nike didn’t keep us waiting this long and presented the new edition of their youngest child just before Valentine’s Day. Maybe they figured out that, with the right, fast distribution, many girlfriends will have enough time to buy it as a present for their boys. Well, we wouldn’t mind getting such a gift. And probably many girls wearing male sizes wouldn’t either ?

It’s quite unusual, that the model has only been available since two weeks ago and we haven’t even seen its second standard colourway yet, but we’re already getting a special one. As you probably remember, Tech Craft pack consists of leather versions of boots which are normally synthetic. Apart from Tiempo, that is, which usually gets premium quality leather instead of normal one (and we must admit that release was a big success on that field). The thing is, we shouldn’t really be discussing other lines here, because it seems that we won’t get them anyway!

As we’ve written before, we’re not the greatest fans of the colour of this edition of Hypervenom, but we’re still very intrigued and excited about the release. Unlike most of you, we’re more curious about Phantom III, the one without the Dynamic-Fit collar. That’s because we already have the best option, but the “short” one remains a mystery. Apart from that, Nike usually makes the uppers of leather editions a bit different than the synthetic ones. Will it be the case this time as well?

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